I was born in Reading Pennsylvania, and at the age of two me and my parents moved to Poland as missionaries with Word of Life. I grew up knowing the message of the gospel very well. However it wasn’t until i was six years old that i understood how all of this really applied to my life.


My parents had brought me up showing me constantly that only serving Christ with my whole life would bring true joy. One day my Mom asked be to clean up in the kitchen and as I did so I sang and the phrase from the song went like this: “Jesus put this song in my heart he turned my life around, He gave me a Savior a heart of a servant”. It helped me realize I couldn’t achieve a heart of a servant on my own because of my sin and that I needed a Savior who would turn my life completely around. Since then I have been eagerly involved in the ministry we have in Poland. When I was 14 God challenged me to make it a goal to share what I was learning from my personal devotions with my friends as we traveled around to Youth groups all over Poland. Then as soon as I finished High school I was able to attend a year of Bible school in Ukraine and another in Hungary the following year. During those two years God made it clear to me that although there are many other ministries around the world God has clearly given me a jumpstart in Poland. My desire is to show teens that living for Christ and serving him with your whole life is the most exciting and worthwhile thing in the world! Ministering with Youth groups and discipling teens are my favorite tools to do just that!


We live in a world where living a life sold out for Christ is not popular. Even among believers being radical, is often viewed as a hard and unrewarding way to live. No doubt as followers of Christ we must sacrifice a lot to follow Him, but don't we see people all around us who sacrifice everything for what they believe?!?.. Athletes go through great training, denying themselves many things, to be the best. Businessmen work long hard hours often sacrificing time with friends to give their loved ones "things" they think they need. Even in our churches many look up to these men and women saying they are living a exciting life and achieving great things. We often envy these because of the things they have in this life, believing, as the world says, that they have achieved satisfaction. But isn't the cause of Christ worth fighting? Is it not an exciting and rewarding adventure?! I believe that it is. While it is true that the living for Christ involves great sacrifice, it is also the only thing that can truly give us true lasting satisfaction, joy and a peace that passes all understanding. My experience is that living sold out for Christ is the best and most exciting challenge any one could choose. This is the passion I desire to pass on to youth around me wherever I am but especially here in Europe, beginning in Poland. When you think about it deeper it really comes down to loving one person more than anything else in the world and trusting His plan for your life. My prayer is that God use me to challenge teens here in Poland to have a vibrant relationship with Christ! Would God challenge you to do the same...

The Vision


with Matthew